Applying to the Graduate Certificate

Admissions Guidelines

Students who are interested in participating in this program should seek an appointment with the Media Arts and Practice academic advisor. Please note: this certificate program is only available to students who are already attending USC.

There is no formal application for the Graduate Certificate in Digital Media and Culture. Students can add the certificate to their record by filling out a grad certificate add/drop form.

Most students choose to declare the certificate after taking their first course – students may wait longer if necessary, but it is not encouraged.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, at this time we do not offer a master’s degree.

The graduate certificate is available only to students who are already attending USC in a graduate-level degree program. The certificate is available to students from any academic department or discipline, as long as they have the time and units to complete the required courses. Interested students should first discuss this with their graduate student advisor before contacting the Media Arts and Practice advisor.

Yes. If you officially declare the graduate certificate program and do not intend to complete it, you may inform the Media Arts and Practice advisor and the degree objective will be removed from your academic record.

Yes. Most students complete their 12 units of graduate certificate coursework before they have completed their master’s or doctoral coursework. If this occurs, the “date of completion” for the certificate may be listed as earlier than the student’s graduation date. This does not impact the student’s completion or graduation from their master’s or doctoral program.

If a student completes their master’s or doctoral degree, and they have not yet completed the graduate certificate requirements, they may have the option to finish those graduate certificate requirements in the following semester. However, this should be discussed first with the student’s primary graduate student advisor. Completing your primary degree will impact your financial aid status, and potentially your visa eligibility (for international students).

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