SCA Community Portal

What is SCA Community?

SCA Community is your student portal for all Cinematic Arts-related activities. Students can use SCA Community to receive updates on SCA-related events, request D-clearance for classes, obtain permission to check out SCA equipment, book rooms within the SCA complex, etc.

Activating and Confirming Your Account

Navigate to . Under the login prompt, on the left, click on the “Account Registration” link under “First Time Here?” Enter your USC ID number when prompted and choose “Register Account.” Follow the remaining instructions to verify and confirm your account.

How to Log In

Open a web browser, and navigate to . Log in using the credentials above.

Login Issues

Students can email to reset their password or troubleshoot their logins for SCA Community.

SCA Lab Accounts

What are the SCA Lab Accounts?

SCA Lab Accounts are used to access the SCA Workstations, the SCA Knowledgebase and the MA+P Wikis. These credentials are different from your USC Net ID and your SCA Community login and must be activated in order to properly use them.

Accounts are generated for each student enrolled in any MA+P or SCA course. Once an account is created, it will exist throughout your entire academic career.

Activating Your Account

To activate your account, your first login must be completed at an SCA Workstation. This process will only work on SCA workstations. We recommend you use the computers in SCI L104 for your First Login. However, any SCA classroom workstation will work for your First Login. Availability for SCI L104 and other SCA workstations can be seen here.

Your username for your SCA Lab Account is your USC email prefix. If your USC email is, then your SCA Lab Account username is tommytrojan.

First Login Procedure

  1. Use any SCA workstation. SCI L104 or any other SCA labs will work for this.
  2. If the SCA workstation is logged in, log out of it.
  3. Login to the computer with the following info:
    • Username: your USC email prefix
    • Password: 10-digit USC ID
  4. You should be asked to reset your password immediately.
  5. Reset your password to successfully activate your account.

Resetting your SCA Lab Account password

  1. Go to the Help Desk window in SCA B139 during office hours.
  2. Present your valid USC ID to have your password reset.
  3. Your password is reset to your 10-digit USC ID.
  4. Proceed with the First Login procedure.

Trouble accessing your SCA Lab Account

If you are unable to login to your SCA Lab Account, please try the First Login procedure (above) and/or the Resetting your SCA Lab Account password procedure (above).

If problems persist, please inform your Professor, TA or SA.

SCA Workstations

SCA Workstations are the computers present in every SCA classroom. You may login to any of these workstations by using your SCA Lab Account. The SCA Workstations in the SCI building are primarily iMacs running both Windows 10 and Mac OS X. The workstations most available to MA+P are in the MA+P Computer Lab (SCI L104).

SCI L104 Hours

Lab Installed Software

SCA Knowledgebase

The SCA Knowledgebase is a valuable resource containing information about SCA resources available to MA+P students. In order to access the SCA Knowledgebase, you must use your SCA Lab Account. Here are a few valuable resources on the SCA Knowledgebase:

Sound Department

Post Production

MA+P Wikis

Media Arts + Practice courses use a wiki system for course planning and management. Each course has its own wiki, where the professor posts readings, assignments, and other course materials. Students use the wiki to post their reading responses and class projects, and to participate in class discussions.

Open the Firefox or Safari browser (not Chrome). Navigate to Click on the Wikis button. In the top right corner (in the grey navigation bar), click on the open lock icon. Log in using your SCA Lab Account. Your wikis will appear in the main body of the page. Click on the wiki that corresponds to the course in which you are currently enrolled.

Editing the Wikis

Students may create new wiki pages by selecting the plus-sign icon in the grey navigation bar at the top of the page. Student may edit an existing page by choosing that page, then clicking the pencil icon in the navigation bar. Once you have made your edits be sure to click the “Save” button in the navigation bar.

Logging Out

To log out of your wiki account, click the open lock icon and select “Log Out.” If you are using an SCA Workstation, you should also log out of your computer user account before you leave.

SCA Render Farm

What is the Render Farm?


How to Log In and Use


Login Issues


MA+P Web Hosting

The following is a list of service providers that will provide a good starting point for most MA+P students. This is not a complete list. It is suggested that you purchase a Shared hosting plan or a Cloud hosting plan. Pricing changes frequently with all service providers. Most service providers will have a promotional introductory price. Keep that in mind when making your choices. Some providers will also offer academic pricing.