Media Arts + Practice MA + P
USC Cinematic Arts

Minor in Future Cinema

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The minor in Future Cinema explores the frontier of audiovisual storytelling building on the cutting edge research within the School of Cinematic Arts.

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Minor in Media and Social Change

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The minor in Media and Social Change provides the opportunity for students who are interested in media content creation and research to take classes in a focused curriculum on the various aspects of media for change.

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생활계획표 다운로드

Minor in Digital Studies

80년대 히트곡

The minor in Digital Studies explores the rich potential of digital media for critical analysis and creative discovery.

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Minor in Digital Studies, Honors Track

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Digital Studies minor students may choose to earn an Honors designation by completing the Honors Minor Track.

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Graduate Certificate, Digital Media and Culture

음향 효과 다운로드

The certificate program in Digital Media and Culture explores the shifting nature of scholarly expression, pedagogical practice and research in the 21st century, combining seminars with hands-on, lab-based workshops in order to facilitate sophisticated critical thinking and practice in and through multimedia.

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