Media Arts + Practice MA + P
USC Cinematic Arts

MA+P Courses

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MA+P courses offer instruction across a wide array of digital mediums and techniques, from video and web design to tangible computing, world building and data visualization Gentleman. Course descriptions can be found in the Cinematic Arts section of the USC Course Catalogue.

IML 104 Introduction to Digital Studies
IML 140 Workshop in Multimedia Authoring
IML 201 The Languages of Digital Media
IML 202 Media Arts and Practice Studio I
IML 203 Media Arts and Practice Studio II
IML 230 Fundamentals of Media Design
IML 288 Critical Thinking and Procedural Media
IML 295 Race, Class and Gender in Digital Culture
IML 300 Reading and Writing the Web
IML 309 Integrative Design for Mobile Devices
IML 310 Professionalism for Media Arts
IML 320 Designing and Writing for Transmedia Narratives
IML 328 Sonic Media Art
IML 335 Digital Narrative Design I
IML 340 Remixing the Archive
IML 346 Methods in Digital Research
IML 354 Introduction to 3-D Modeling
IML 365 Future Cinema
IML 385 Design Fiction and Speculative Futures
IML 400 Creative Coding for the Web
IML 404 Tactical Media
IML 420 New Media for Social Change
IML 422 Information Visualization
IML 428 Exploring and Creating Sonic Environments
IML 435 Digital Narrative Design II
IML 436 Hypercinemas Studio
IML 440 Interdisciplinary Thesis
IML 441 Thesis Project I

IML 444 Thesis Project II
IML 454 Advanced Techniques of Spatial Representation
IML 456 Nature, Design and Media
IML 458 The Embedded Story: Designing Digital Landscapes and Languages
IML 466 Digital Studies Symposium
IML 475 Media Arts Research Lab
IML 477 Embodied Storytelling and Immersive Docu-Narratives
IML 490 Directed Research
IML 499 Special Topics
IML 500 Digital Media Tools and Tactics
IML 501 Seminar in Contemporary Digital Media
IML 502 Techniques of Information Visualization
IML 520 Non-Fiction Cinematic Practice I
IML 521 Non-Fiction Cinematic Practice II
IML 535 Tangible Computing for the Humanities and Sciences
IML 543 Transdisciplinary Design Practicum
IML 555 Digital Pedagogies
IML 575 Graduate Media Arts Research Lab
IML 585 Creative Critical Writing Workshop
IML 590 Directed Research
IML 599 Special Topics
IML 600 Historical Approaches to Media Arts and Culture
IML 601 Seminar in Media and Design Studies
IML 602 Practice of Media Arts
IML 603 Media Arts and Practice Colloquium/Professional Seminar
IML 604 Theories of Media Arts and Practice
IML 605 Cinema, Post-Cinema and Beyond: History, Theory, Practice

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Non-Major Programs

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Media Arts + Practice offers five programs for current USC students who are majoring in other disciplines. Undergraduate students can pursue a minor in Digital Studies, Future Cinema or Media and Social Change, or an honors designation in Multimedia Scholarship ms office professional plus 2016 다운로드. Masters and PhD students can pursue a graduate certificate in Digital Media and Culture.

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Media Arts + Practice

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The Media Arts + Practice PhD program offers a rigorous and creative environment for scholarly innovation as students explore the intersections of cinema, design, emerging media and critical thinking while defining new forms of cinematic experience, research and scholarship for the 21st century.

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Bachelor of Arts (BA), Media Arts + Practice

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The Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts + Practice is an interdisciplinary storytelling program combining the study of contemporary digital media with hands-on production and research.

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